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Academic Services

We believe that studying abroad is not just about obtaining a degree but experiencing a new way of life. Being in an unfamiliar setting, adjusting to an educational and cultural system one is not accustomed to could be overwhelming. We at Regents education services understand this and aspire to make the transition as smooth as possible. To be able to assist students at each step of this exciting journey we offer a range of services:

We offer FREE consultation for all students considering studying abroad.

We know that selecting a course that leads to relevant opportunities to advance careers in the future could be a stressful decision given that it is a huge investment for international students. All universities have different criteria for the application process and it can be confusing for prospective candidates to make the right choice. We can help students make an informed decision based on preferences and take their applications forward with universities. We represent over 50 UK universities and are well versed with their requirements.