What Our Students Say?

Fatima Bahman - KUWAIT

Bachelors in Psychology - UK

“Studying abroad was the best decision I ever made. From the time I arrived in the UK, I have had such a unique experience. It is so different from being back home and you get to meet so many people, make new friends, experience British culture and take back so much more than just a piece of paper that says Bachelors in Psychology. I am glad I found regents because I was so late in applying to universities that I thought I may not make it in time but they knew exactly what the universities wanted and it all worked out”

Rashida Mohamed - Egypt

“I never know if I should trust student recruitment companies. However, when my friend told me about her experience with Regents I had to find out for myself. They were very helpful and not only did they guide me to the right university but they also helped me find the best accommodation that fit my budget”

Abdulaziz Alabdullah - Qatar

University of Huddersfield - UK

أود أن اشكر مكتب ريجنتس للخدمات التعليمية على تسهيل امر تسجيلي في جامعة هدرسفيلد في بريطانيا والاهتمام بكافة التفاصيل الدقيقة من غير مقابل من الطالب وأوصي الجميع بالاعتماد عليهم لمن يريد الالتحاق بجامعات المملكة المتحدة.

Sara Baldassarre

I recommend Regents Education Services to everyone who wants to visit this wonderful country. Noor and all the staff are friendly and always willing to help. They provided for information about the college, as well as an answer for every necessity. I never felt alone with them, thanks Regents for this amazing experience!

Fares Alshemmary - KUWAIT

“I have always wanted to study abroad but it all seemed so complicated. I did not know how to go about getting a visa or what university I should choose! I am so glad I found Regents Education Services. It saved me so much time and was such a pleasant experience”

Abdullah Dakhel - Saudi Arabia

Middlesex University

“I am a student at Middlesex University. I never thought I would get admission in such a reputed place. I love being here and I am so thankful to Regents for all their assistance. Thanks to them, I went about my application the right way and had help throughout the whole process. I was very worried about the English test I had to give but Regents made me take a mock test and I was so well prepared and confident.”